Advanced Phishing Protection Engine

Defend Your Business Against Increasing Phishing Attacks

With cleverly crafted email, a hacker can be silently sitting in your inbox waiting for you to accidentally give them access to your computer or worse.

Protect yourself with our Advanced Phishing Protection Engine. It’s very easy to use. In addition to the transparent, automated protections, it provides much needed, quick, on the fly training for your staff to make them less likely to enable an attack.

This service includes:

  • A dedicated team of cyber security experts that will monitor your account in real time for any incoming threats.
  • Protection against malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, credential hacking, email spoofing, social engineering and other advanced cyber threats.
  • Personalized training that simulates cyber-attacks to train employees on how to identify and report attacks.
  • An AI based Protection Engine that identifies and flags possible phishing emails that arrive in your inbox.
  • Team collaboration to identify mass threats and automatically remove verified phishing emails before they arrive in your inbox.
  • Advanced reporting that will show you how many attacks have occurred, which have been stopped and how many users were sent phishing emails.

Securing today’s email landscape requires advanced tools and a strategy combining cutting edge technology, human intelligence, user behavior tracking and an AI security algorithm.

AAI Advanced Phishing Protection Engine is industry leading email security and is a critical tool for stopping you from becoming a victim of cyber-crime.

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